Who am I?

Hi! I’m a young photographer and visual storyteller from Italy!
I’m based in Venice but I love to work wherever my job takes me, knowing new people and discovering new stories.

I’ve attended classical studies in Mestre and had a Visual Arts Undergraduate degree at IUAV, but, to know all these things, you can just check on my Linkedin account. In the meantime, just know that I’ve always followed a creative pathway, not only in my studies but also in my lifestyle and hobbies. 

Why am I?

That’s actually a though (and unconventionally funny) question to answer, but I think it’s important to sort it out. 

In every job I’ve done, from the less photo-related to the most artistic one, I’ve always thought that it’s not just about the job, it’s always about the experience, the things you learn, the people you meet and the difficulties you have to overcome.
Whenever you have to face a new challenge or a new adventure, you start to get creative, you start to find ways to reach point B starting from point A. During this journey you see new places, you meet new people and you get to know better the people you already knew.

It’s never just about the photo, never just about the video.
It’s always about the story.

How am I?

Funny thing is I don’t have a lot of photos of myself, you might be guessing why.
Anyway, here’s some I’ve collected over the years thanks to colleagues friends and colleagues. 

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