You just landed on a section of this website that’s very important to me.
In the other ones you’ll find infos about me, about my job and about my photos, but this one is meant just to showcase some of my favorite shots on/from the stage the stage. 

I’ve always found it difficult to answer to the ‘What do you want to do when you’re an adult?’ question, but I can say for sure that these shots are just the beginning of what I want to do in the next years.

I’m always looking for new events and artists to shoot.
I’d love to hear what you’re currently working on and how we could work together.

Deborah De Luca, Jesolo Music Park, 2024
Nina Kraviz, Jesolo Music Park, 2024
Sante Sansone, Aperyshow, 2024
Pino D’Angiò, Hierbas Cortina, 2023
Adriatique, King’s Club, 2024
Artie 5ive, Jesolo Music Park, 2024
COSMO, Future Vintage Festival, 2023
Mathame, Lyke Music, King’s Club, 2024
Cass1mm, Aperyshow, 2024
Camelphat, King’s Club, 2024
WhyNot Music, MAX Club, 2024
Lyke Music, King’s Club, 2024
King’s Club, 2024
Neima Ezza, Jesolo Music Park, 2024
GUE, Future Vintage Festival, 2023
Sfera Ebbasta, King’s Club, 2023
Albert Marzinotto, Aperyshow, 2023
Snowdays, Bolzano, 2023
Jimmy Sax, Trend Music Festival, Rome, 2022
E45, Al Vapore, 2023
Maddalena Vanzo, Carezza, 2023
DES3ETT, Bolzano, 2023
MEDUN, Max Club, Brixen, 2023
Jack Borst, Bolzano, 2023
Gue Pequeno, Trend Music Festival, Rome, 2022
Official Psycopath, Brixen, 2023
Cervignano, Friuli, 2022
VANTRAXX, Roberto Adami, HOF CLUB, Ravenna, 2022